Thursday, November 29, 2012


When I am like a..a..a..
Duh! You make me nervous!

When I make a call it is like why.. why.. why..
Duh! You are being missed!

When I see you it is like blink.. blink.. blink..
Duh! You are in my thoughts!

When I try to speak my heart it is like discuss.. discuss.. discuss..
Duh! You must just know what I feel!

When I hold my breath it is like speak.. speak.. speak..
Duh! You sedate me!

When I say I miss you it is like yeah.. yeah.. yeah..
Duh! You not being around kills me!
When I write almost always about you.. you.. you..  
Duhhhh! I am in love with you!

You let me be me! :)

I blush, yet I try to see you!

Is this you whom I see in all my dreams...?                              
I just feel your presence but unaware it is you..!                      

Your face becomes clearer with every dream I see... You come closer everytime I meet you...You make me lower my eyes by the words you whisper to me...
The way our breaths tangle makes me more nervous and as I shy away...You hold me...

I see you everywhere after you leave... Your words echo to me... I wait for the next night to come again to meet you...

I know I never saw you but your touch seems so familiar.. I keep praying it is you and this isn't a dream, surreal!

I love it when you laugh on my talks because it makes me be yours!
I look into your eyes and touch your nose with mine and I run away into the vineyards...

Let Go!

Feelings are natural and inert to the one for whom it develops but it turns bitter the moment the feelings are vocalized!!!
The person they are directed to feels powered and the owner of the feelings feels hesitant to speak, write, call or chat with the person!

Natural can't disagree to that!! ;) ;)
It all just gets complicated...and messed and weirrrrrrd! :/ :/ :/
So it is best to let go if it is not making you feel comfortable and you do not want to speak up!
I mean let's stay in the shell rather than let people see your emotional side, who don't feel same as you do. So mutual feelings must exist else it is worthless!!!  
Let go !!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Sister

The night was lonely
I missed my friend

I looked around
But no one was found...

I looked at the photo frame
I saw her smiling face :)

I remembered the li’l hands
when I held them...

The feeling of being elder
To responsibilities to cater

And all the giggles we shared
And the rhymes we hummed together
And the shrilled screams of winning pillow fights
And the secrets of our childhood times!!!

The sharing of cupboards to games of boards
Having same crushes to topping the Classes in Boards!!!

Running and dancing
Throwing away time...

I miss the the days with you, O sister of mine!
For, you are my first Friend and a person so fine!

The conspiracies and plans and dreams that we shared like wine
Some of which have been coloured so bright, we see them shine :)

I thank My God for giving me a gift so beautiful
I pray you be blessed always for you are the angel of mine!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mood Swings

Swinging left...
Swinging right...

Swinging far right...
then Swinging far left...

O! This mood swing of mine!

Confusing my head like
Riding high on some extremely fast ride!

I am trying to hold myself tight
but to-and-fro gushing thoughts don’t let me stabilize

I then suddenly come to a halt
but the inertia doesn't let me stop at all!

“Yes this is right, but Why is this right?
It ought to be definitely wrong!!
If it is wrong and I know it is wrong then who is right?
Yes, I am right!”

Someone Stop!
Stop these thoughts with a big sized full-stop!

Burdening my head, my soul and my goal
These doubts and undue swings of mood!

I don’t require a ride, Thank you!
Try someone weak oh you creepy swings of mood.

You make me mad and sad and act so retarded
Half the people I know then treat me in ways alienated!

The Latin you teach me, O! churlish mood swing
Is something I fail to recall when I am the normal angel with naive wings!

You are so weird, I feel awful after you stabilize
You are like a rhyme which some witches use to mesmerise!

You are black and dark and take my glow
Mood swings! I hate you!

Next time when you try to see me
let me tell you, right in your face

I am not a kid anymore
to ride on your witches’ swings and rides that give me wounds so sore

I know you are sickening, so dare not bother me any time
O you dirty Mood swing..
I hope my words are well defined… :)

Sadaf Khurshid Photography

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rusted Mast

We grow up!
We grey up!

All those rosy lanes,
Become a part of rain

The memories are vast,
Amidst the rusted mast

The life keeps going,
Like a sail-boat sailing

The winds determine our directions,
far we move from our affections

To touch the waves high,
Slowly that of which fade out of sight

I always end up meeting myself,
the one who questions me of my Self!

Why didn’t you do this and did that?
Why was there always a hidden want in ‘that’?

I don’t know what to answer
for Life is a huge wander!!!

The place where I belong today
Is where I was destined to be anyway

Be this or that or want or desire,
what still remains in that Fire

Up the stream I might reach the shore,
the ‘Shore’ which I was born to reach!

The place which would calm the fire, answer to me self
of all this, that and wants of my self!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I pity you.

You lied to me all the time,
You played around every time!

I sometimes wonder why did God create you?
You are such a messed up jerk I pity you.

The way you left me crying lonely at nights,
I kept waiting but you never replied!
The new girl you hang around with may be fine,
But remember you will be punished for playing with my soul divine!

Oh yeah! I sometimes wonder why did God create you?
You are such a messed up jerk I pity you.

They say love is to accept the other with its flaws,
But who said to love the one who can keep you at his paws!
Oh you beastly creature I wonder most of the times,
You are a mean, deadly Viper who should be left alone all times!

And so, I sometimes wonder why did God create you?
You are such a messed up jerk I pity you.

I wasted emotions on your sickening stories,
Solving problems and issues for your glory!
But enslaved me to be an African slave,
But you know you were powered by my hopeless love!

The reason I sometimes wonder why did God create you?
You are such a messed up jerk I pity you.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Colours of your Soul!

Why are you so scared of being ignored?
Does it bring your vulnerable side to burn the sores?

The selves you want to hide
So that no one may take it for a ride!

Why so much of fright?
Why so much of lack of might?

Why are people so beastly?
Why do they want to hurt other’s wounds so keenly?

Why then this pitiful side of yours weakens you?
Why can’t you fight those fears of yours to strengthen you?

You are the butterfly with the flair,
Crisp and Fair and colours to glare

Crossing all stages with pride,
For the end will surely be bright!

For the purity at heart and soul
The efforts of such a flawless soul would never miss a goal!

And when we shall all stand answerable to the Almighty,
then these colours of your soul would be a paradigm to a million solus!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Wide open are the paths divine
Narrowly close are we to reach our destination fine

Mesmerized by the happiness and attitude so fine
Rhyming are the words of mine

The lonely heart which used to pine
Is glad to be with a soul so purely refined

Why didn’t this seem before the destined time?
May be there were many people in my sight’s line

But today when I am seeing the signs
I am glad to know all this time you were mine!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meet RJ Khusroo!

Sometimes people just want to speak their hearts out and we don't know where and how to do that.
I'm not a great writer or a story teller but I did say I am a good Orator!
Aloha!! Friends…
I think my article on me-self should speak much about me in a modest manner! ;)

We all know blogs are meant for a soul who wants to speak and all souls speak and portray themselves in various forms. Photographers capture the innate beauty of moments in their cameras. Painters in their art forms and colours chosen for depiction!
All forms, concepts, colours, visualizations speak of the artist in their own unique way!
That is what life is about-‘UNIQUENESS’.
All forms of art are beautiful and different; they NEVER match with someone else’s work. Only if your frequency matches with the work of the artist, you are able to appreciate it. Oh yes ‘Frequency’ which determines our friends, partners and soul mates. Hence proved (in mathematics style) that physics concept of resonance is not just limited to light and sound, it matches with souls.
‘Interesting’ as it may sound to the ears and prettier to the eyes that are reading this, right now!

I wish we knew who was the one particular being, in wait for whom we err so many times and still never lose hope that he/she would come. The right moment with the right person at the right time in the right manner, aww..sounds so very Magical and pure!
Didn't that thought make you smile? I'm sure it did!

“We bind ourselves into some circles created by one’s own self and feel disappointed,” someone said to me once, I wasn’t able to understand then but now I know it is true for almost anyone including the Bohemians, the Bedouins, the Gypsies!
All of us make a sect, a border, a thought process in short a circle around them and then they are happy sometimes because of it and sometimes feel caught in it!
Truly people define their life paths and free thinking is totally accepted these days.  But I am not sure how many of you would agree to this that ‘Free thinking’ can be lethal.
It can be as harmful as much as bountiful it has been considered!
Well as the general understanding says, it is up to us to decide if submission to our own desires makes us slaves of one’s self or we rather make those lines straight which don’t let us enter the bizarre destruction! Awaiting us.
So, CONTROL you little brain and tame your self to be subtle.

Oh well!! That is who I am, SADAF KHURSHID. Learning to tame myself and enlighten my soul!
Having a Persian name meaning pearl, chosen by my parents, and depicting me completely! I did speak endlessly if I found someone with whom my ‘Frequency’ matched! Singing, dancing, shouting, planning, teaching, reading, switching and mostly painting are a few tasks that brighten up my eyes and bring satisfaction to my smile. For me, expressing myself is mostly by my talks!
Live life your way as time gone by NEVER comes back is what I believe in. It is my mantra to be Happy. I love people who are natural, SHOW OFFs just ruins my behavior towards them. BEWARE!
And yes never challenge my head as the consequences can be worse than expected.

More to come soon.
Love ya Readers!
RJ Khusroo

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Mentor

“Follow your dreams!” said Everyone.
“Trust your dreams! Turn them true!” said most of those Everyone.
“Sadaf, do what you think you are best at. Learn to trust your Self.” Said My Mentor.

My Mentor, knew me too well.
Meeting her was Destiny, rather say my good luck!
She chose me from a lot, (I am glad to be chosen by you)!
She chose me for she knew, my dreams were lost.

Reason for the loss, she knew it too well!
My dreams were over shadowed, powered and mocked.
They were cluttered, put in a box, kept in a closet and locked!

Key lost! (Sigh)
But wait!! How did she know me so well?
How had she read my mind?
I wondered why her words were so clear and she was always right.
Was she some fairy in disguise?

Whoever she was, she is My Mentor!

The one who held me when I was weak and shivering in winter
The one who taught me to balance my soul when I stumbled upon stones

The one who made me feel my worthwhile uniqueness
The one who knew me better than I knew myself

The one who helped me redefine my dreams, chasing the best of the ones I had
The one who lightened my soul to Nirvana, answering me of questions which I always had

Her eyes always said, “I trust you!”
That faith, made me run the extra mile!
Her confidence made me feel stronger and more realized!

She had become my mirror challenging me to be the best and perfect being

And your existence, My Mentor makes me believe
you are My tale’s Fairy Godmother
And God has been kind to me!

"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction." -John Crosby
Photograph Courtesy: Sadaf Khurshid


 Thanks Niti Ma'am for being my Mentor and my friend!
Happy birthday Ma'am! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just found Myself...!!!

I breathe freely,
I breathe freely like it is the morning breeze!

I see colours,
I see colours like world is a butterfly wing!

I speak endlessly,
I speak endlessly like the world is destined to hear to me!

I run into the wild,
I run into the wild like it has no end to it!

I sing my songs,
I sing my songs like the wind is humming to me!

I leave my hatred behind,
I leave my hatred behind like I am out of a cocoon made by my mind!

I draw abstract,
I draw abstract like it has meaning to it!

I chant my prayers,
I chant my prayers like they are the only prayers that enlighten me!

I appreciate my love,
I appreciate my love like there is none who can love humanity more than me!

I dance on my rhythm,
I dance on my rhythm like no one is watching me!

I shine bright,
I shine bright like the sunlight on the morning dew, so pure!

I feel free,
I feel free like the knots of my heart are undone!

I feel love,
I feel love like I just found myself anew...!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We all write memories of time gone by or memories to be! but why do we always have to say something we never thought we would ever recall. 
We walk down a memory lane that increases in length day by day rather say second by second. Why do we remember things? Well, it is because a certain neuron is triggered which takes you to that place where it all had begun!

True, it makes you travel and while that journey reminds you of all things/events/people and we end up rejoicing each moment of our journey. Sometimes when we end up meeting those who didn’t make us feel good then we are not able to control the negative triggers of our emotions. But did you ever think that some person is responsible for your happiness and some other person is responsible for your sadness?

Oh dear! How miserable!!!!!!?!
Your emotions being dependent on SOMEONE else! It is like the you life is the kite trying to fly high and enjoy the winds but the strings are in someone else's hands! Yikes...that sounds Awful...>.<

Well, God isn't so mean that after creating you, He would hand your happiness or sadness to someone else’s hand!
So the good news… Yippies!!! 
you are responsible for your own SELF! :D

Whereby we should always remember, the good or hard times that we face are just a part and parcel of our life. If we intend we can keep grieving over any li’l petal for the rest of our life and while doing so we might not see many a springs that would come and go. We all consider it our right to live because indeed it is your right because you were BORN but why to kill yourself. Face all those waves, winds, storms and also enjoy the springs and blossoms!

Face rather accepts both of them equally and then we see the importance of good things. So get yourselves moving and live your lives rather than cribbing about little things that didn't happen the way you predicted them because life isn’t your prediction, for if it was No one would ever want to leave the Heaven!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Knight on a White Horse

I see you when I see my self
I feel you when I feel my self

Who are you and why are you here?
Your presence is comforting yet so rare!

The way you say things it feels you read my own thoughts
We walk the woods hand-in-hand in the bright moon-lit song

When you are here just right beside me,
Then why can’t I see?

My wait is eagerly waiting for my handsome Knight
Dressed up to take me by might on the moment right

So, come in riding the White Horse!!!

I know you exist
But I can’t see you because of the mist

Come hold my wrist
And give my life the perfect twist

Together we shall enjoy the seasons
The togetherness shall last till the last sun.

River and Life

Life is just like a river. 

Begins with a zest and runs through the terrains to gain by bearing all pains. It has a kind of energy like the naive child who doesn't know what it is doing but still nothing can ever reduce its vigor. 

Soft and serene through the beginning of early 30s till the middle ages. Meeting their soul mates in form of other rives and enjoying the fertile life and spreading the joy to the farmers around. Sharing all the good knowledge of the ages to the ones in need and help the people survive if they at all heed. 

Carrying all the dirt and the waste along the plain terrains just like growing old with all your systems creating trouble and showing you that life will soon end. 
The tired and worn out soul running on its destined path to meet the ocean unknown.  

Life is similarly a bundle of joy of the unknown but just as how winds never stop for anyone neither does the river stop its gush, we all need to just GO WITH THE FLOW in the end all is well and Nirvana stands to get hold of us there.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mi amigo experto (My savvy friend)

Sweet isn’t what I would call her but she surely is savvy.

This lady has a wonderful charm and a mysterious aura around her. Since the time I know her which was when she used to come for attendance in the hostel at 7:30 pm till date she has changed with time and become more smarter and has developed a keen understanding of the world, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that she is my friend and has always been the Best one. She has given me all rights to wake her up at any time I am in need of her help.

Sadiqa meaning ‘the truthful’ indeed has been very true to her name. She can be rude but at least she won’t lie. From watching movies together, to haircuts, to malls, to rickshaws, to photography, to kittens, to singing, to almost anything and everything She has been my companion throughout.I travelled for the first time in DTC with her and also bunked many a classes and partied with her. I also remember that night when we were talking to a friend of ours and it was early morning and at that moment we experienced the supernatural!! :O 
My only experience of ghosts!

She is a wonderful singer and her sweet melodious voice. She can sing in almost any language and can mesmerize you with her songs.
She is a perfect artist. Can visualize almost anything in the best artistic form..:D Hehe!!

A typical Arian Lady who is full of energy and enthusiastic about many a dreams she has.I just wish that she gets whatever she wants and deserves and that we remain friends forever and always.

Happy Birthday Sadi! :-*

Qutub Minar

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cloaked Angel!

Rupinder Kaur.
Perfect as her name. A Piscean lady, full of splendid colours.

Her beauty so pure, her eyes so divine and her smile is a perfect wine! 

I still recall the day she had entered in my life, it was the office and I saw her from my seat. She was into discussion with her new manager. AHEM AHEM…Work being assigned!! What impressed me were the expressions she was giving to him. She seemed to be a dedicated employee to the firm. Later in the day I met her and the sparkles in her eyes meant to say that she is a person of chaste heart.

Gradually I came to know her and I am grateful to my lord that I found a friend like her!
After knowing her till date I can say that she is PERFECT Punjaban…:)
Her mannerisms are Desi. The word that instantly relates to her is MAST…

I did call her to be a person who is really tall in herself. She has a high value system and is down to earth. It is easy to communicate with her and you can totally rely on her!! She can keep your secrets to herself..:D  (Thanks)
As is rightly said, “Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.” I would add to it that Rupinder is one of the best things that happened to me in my stay in India. I totally love her way of saying. “AREY YAAR”, “HEEHEE!”, “SADAF AAPNA…CHORO AB YEH SAB…”!!
I am so very sure that many a hearts are pining for her one look and many others are already broken in the rejection…Arey humari rupinder hai hi sabse mast…!!!
Talented and sober…Keen sense of good and bad…I think you are really intuitive Rupi..
And something that makes your friendship special to me is your Warm smile, which just gives me a feeling that you are around me and care for me… it gives me a positive re-enforcement.
Times spent with you have been some of the best days…A few of them here…Saket trip…GIP trips, Uncle ji wali trip…and many other “trippy” trips…;)

May God always bless you and keep you safe and happy!
Love you Darling!
Lohri Festival, BSL