Thursday, March 29, 2012

Knight on a White Horse

I see you when I see my self
I feel you when I feel my self

Who are you and why are you here?
Your presence is comforting yet so rare!

The way you say things it feels you read my own thoughts
We walk the woods hand-in-hand in the bright moon-lit song

When you are here just right beside me,
Then why can’t I see?

My wait is eagerly waiting for my handsome Knight
Dressed up to take me by might on the moment right

So, come in riding the White Horse!!!

I know you exist
But I can’t see you because of the mist

Come hold my wrist
And give my life the perfect twist

Together we shall enjoy the seasons
The togetherness shall last till the last sun.


  1. Yes he'll arrive soon Sadaf! and togetherness shall last forever. Each and every girl harbors such dreams and i too believe in them. Very poignant! and simple...keep writing :)

    PS- I am the first follower of your page :P

    1. Thanks Monica!!! I hope it happens soon!!
      Yep you are my first Follower...:D Thank you for that!