Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Relics of thou Sire

Why do we fear in our prayers to ask God for heavens?
Why do we beg and plead to lead us to happiness in things or this worldly origins?

Why are we so caught up in Karma Chakra of ours?
Why are we not able to break-free the Boundaries created by hours?

Why have we become robots of our own needs?
Why have we not thought about the afterlife until we are in want of some more good deeds?

Remember, calamities are a sign for the Living
Calamities are a warning from the Creator to the believing,

“I love you my Creations,
Still you endanger yourselves by your own desperations.
Trying to save you from your bad ends,
I need to waken you up by the churning of the earth-beds bends,
So that you tend to mend your ways and the means by which you lend,
Remember to blend but to never offend,
Because in the end the comforts of world will not be your friend.”

Let’s not regret the past,
Lust and cost and calculations of all lost

Forgetting that they are meant for trials,
And you give in to this trivial pleasure of materials and make it your afterlife's rival,

Considering the concept of heavens to be fake,
But still for God’s sake,
Take a rake And clear your life’s dry blades,

Be true to the One and pray to be Selfless,
To make you pure and divine,
So that you may never pine for the time that has passed its line
And you evolve to be really refined and fine,

And you be always ready for your time
Well this made my poem rhyme…!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

I Love you

I love you..
And that is why you are one of the few...

Whom I wish to chat to
whom I wish to talk to
whom I tend to fight with
whom I mend to meet with...

Life is YOU for me...
Wish you could also feel the same for ME...

Wishes of a heart waiting for its beloved...
And the only one LOVE that I vow to be dated...

If time makes us apart..
then time will make us each others part...

Take me by your hand to the heavens O my Knight!
I shall be there free from the fright!

Day and night..Love will be our might!

I love you..
And that is why you are my only one charming dew...!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I wonder, why did God create you?
Why did He put you through all the pain?

Why did God put so much patience in you?
Why did He make through you life sustain?

All humanity in this world shunned
When a mother’s love for her child is challenged

May be ‘coz God loves us so much
That He divided His care in His little angels called MOTHERS

Only time teaches us her importance
Only time teaches us her Love

Only time teaches us to treat her well
Only time makes us more intermittent with her

The first Human touch of life
The first guardian Angel for our thereafter life

When one is left all alone in this hostile world
Nothing feels better than her warmth and her love

One is never alone
For a mother is waiting back Home

She knows you best
She sacrifices her sleeps for you to rest

I hope this comfortable dream never shatters
Mother, Thanks is all that I can utter

Though No words can pay back
What you have done

So I pray, God help me take care of my Mother when she needs me in her old age
I pray to make me soft and humble enough to handle
And caress her like she did when I was naïve

I hope I always remain with you my mother
For your smile makes me go miles

And seeing me running miles keeps you happy all the while.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Makes me feel so good...!

Look at the sky
Look at the winds that blow
And the flowers that glow
Makes me feel so good

Rainbows and flawless roads
Bows and arrows and all that paper boats
And the birds that chirp
Make me feel so good

Painting my nails
Tinting it with glossy maroon
And the final touch of the shiny moons
Makes me feel so good

Running to the workplace
Keeping attentive to save the mind pace
And listening to sounds in the space
Makes me feel so good

Arriving to rest
Doing all tasks that I think to be my best
And then proof-reading to make it perfect
Makes me feel so good

No one saw the look
No one ever took off the boot
And my coat is still hanging on the hook
Still it makes me feel so good

I slept all night
I slept all day that next lay
And dreamt of all good ways
It makes me feel so good

My sorest wound stayed so long with me
I wore it for its pain was sweet to me
And I feared separating it from me
For it made me feel so good….

Thursday, February 17, 2011


On a stormy night
The thunders set me on a fright

I tried to fight my fright with all my might
Settings things right to keep away my mind by the thought of the thundery night

Similar to my story
Full of fame and glory

Once it set to fall
I turned away my face for the sight set a scar

My Love, it faded
No more close now, it ended

You could at best make my ears relax
For my eyes were hit so hard I could barely see the flaw

By just being my Wind-chime
Making rhythms with the most scariest rhymes

I could have trusted my heart on you my Dear
But what I see isn’t what I hear

Faking and lying are your peers
But they set my poor soul to tears

Oh! Please go away is what I scream
For better is the thunder that I fear

At least it sets my wind-chime chiming
Helps me take off my mind rhyming!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dopey Mind

Once in my smiles
Now we part miles

For truth was so vague
That made it all so fake

Why did you play?
For my love wasn’t gray

You wanted to slay
While I always wanted to stay

Faded my rhyme
Darkened the wine

Drove away my fears
Stagnant are my tears

Felt it to be so divine
Lost in your thoughts was my dopey mind

I anticipated I did fight
For a land that was never my right

You aren’t my knight
Then why should I fight
For a land that wasn’t ever my right

Flowing with time, so streamline
Like a dead-leaf on a river line

Wish you could have sensed
My feelings so that were so intense

This Catastrophe set by time
Has set my soul to cloud nine!

Friday, January 21, 2011


To Wait and watch
For colours to fade

Trying to feel the truth in the touch
And when moments aid

For currents so recurrent
And time so fluent

As birds flew in the day
To find their own ways

Little was the word gasped
And much was the quantum paid

Rather than riding the unicorn
In a fairy tale unborn

I stand in this yellow wood
For reasons understood

Melancholy and dark and so I hesitate
To ravel roads so indeterminate

But life’s bought me to this side
Far from the Utopian land where I used to reside

To fight my own fears
And believe in reality of star crossed lovers

Shakespeare was truly right
Destiny and fate have the might

One has to bend low
In front of the Glorified Hallow

So I did wait for the perfect time
‘Coz it is just not my futile rhyme…