Thursday, March 31, 2011

Makes me feel so good...!

Look at the sky
Look at the winds that blow
And the flowers that glow
Makes me feel so good

Rainbows and flawless roads
Bows and arrows and all that paper boats
And the birds that chirp
Make me feel so good

Painting my nails
Tinting it with glossy maroon
And the final touch of the shiny moons
Makes me feel so good

Running to the workplace
Keeping attentive to save the mind pace
And listening to sounds in the space
Makes me feel so good

Arriving to rest
Doing all tasks that I think to be my best
And then proof-reading to make it perfect
Makes me feel so good

No one saw the look
No one ever took off the boot
And my coat is still hanging on the hook
Still it makes me feel so good

I slept all night
I slept all day that next lay
And dreamt of all good ways
It makes me feel so good

My sorest wound stayed so long with me
I wore it for its pain was sweet to me
And I feared separating it from me
For it made me feel so good….