Saturday, September 19, 2015

Between Twilights

Between twilights is my soul wandering

It sees only hope of light rays to come the next morning

But in vain and pain and as yet no gain

There is restlessness in my soul because it sees no hope as darkness sets in

Was it my mistake or was it the lost heart at stake

It looks like there is someone out there, but this haze makes me see nothing yet haze

The haze that only disturbs my soul

I feel someone just left my hand someone who was so close

The separation was so painful that I feel extracted of my own soul

“How long has it been? “asked the pain,

It has been years but the longing remains

This twilight is so long that it ends not

Slowly my own shadow is leaving me too

I don’t know what to do, when I think of calling I don’t even remember the name

I felt my soul call the name, slowly, but there was just so much of vacuum around that it rarely heard my soul

If only he knew that restlessness was because of him

Maybe he would have turned back to see how I was dying without him

The stars were out to see my bare pale face

My dried lips and hopeful teary eyes race

My hands hand no power but still they were raised in prayer

I couldn’t stand any longer my knees were tired and sore

All I knew was my God knew that I was in extreme pain

“Heal me O God, Heal me!”

“Please help me stand the pain is too bad”

Tears were flowing, the pain wasn’t relieved

In hope of the next twilight in the morning, my soul breathed away!