Thursday, October 29, 2015

To you..

To the person who taught me how to smile openly!

To the person who taught me the value of present!

To the person who opened me like the book which goes is never noticed...

To the person who made my life full of colours so vibrant...

To the person who told me how flaws are uniqueness in you...

To the person who taught me to draw the line...

To the person who makes me calm when I lose it...

To the person I say jinx to most often these days (even in thoughts and texts)...

To the person who knows the real me...

To the memories that we created on the canvas of lives most precious moments..

To the one who I can look upto any time and almost all times...

To the one who is like the wind to my sails, if life is synonymous with a sailboat...

To the one who put my troubles aside and treated them with empathy because that one knew what it pain it caused to me...

To the one I can be completely crazy with.

Completely. Period.

To the one, I did say thanks 😊...!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A pinch of magic!

The dark shadows made it shine brighter than usual.

Oh how could I not see the stardust sparkle?

In life you do find angels who aways guide you rightly and are capable of putting you at perfect places.
The moment you know that you don't know, they know what is best for you. It's strange. It's like a strange miracle. But then the Creator has His own way of saying He watches over you.

Today is special day for my angel and I would like to say that it's miraculous that you appeared in my life all of a sudden and you knew perfectly what I meant even when I didn't mean any words that I spoke of. And you knew that path well for me which would make me happy.

For a soul which loves to wander, there is some place it can go back to. Some place where it knows it belongs to with open hands and some place where angels exist.

To the calmness we share.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The inevitable truth.

The inevitable truth that takes you in the moment when you have just forgotten it.
It takes you from this time-bound world to a time-free world. A world unseen to the alive. I wonder if the world which we live in is a dream or illusion of existence of the soul. The soul when completes it's tasks as written in the sacred tablet, it has to leave the means to survive in this world (the body, human ties, everything 'materialistic').

The loss of my uncle, last week, left me so stunned that I could hardly believe that he has completed his stay in the world and left for the other life. He was a man of discipline and so true to his profession. He was a great father.
I remember from my memory of him, he loved rasgullas (sweets) and I still remember how he used to tell us to have them too.
I will always pray for him that he is blessed with Jannat ul Firdaus.

I see, now, life is beautiful if you give it to the service of your fellow men, if you try not to harm anyone with word or with power and if you have the courage to forgive and forget quickly. Have a fulfilling life here and trust Almighty who knows what's best for you.

Be thankful always - gratitude is an attitude.

Every moment is precious, never ever lose it.

With highest regards to my dear Uncle. Thank you for all the lessons through you.

May Allah grant you Jannat ul firdaus. Ameen.