Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just found Myself...!!!

I breathe freely,
I breathe freely like it is the morning breeze!

I see colours,
I see colours like world is a butterfly wing!

I speak endlessly,
I speak endlessly like the world is destined to hear to me!

I run into the wild,
I run into the wild like it has no end to it!

I sing my songs,
I sing my songs like the wind is humming to me!

I leave my hatred behind,
I leave my hatred behind like I am out of a cocoon made by my mind!

I draw abstract,
I draw abstract like it has meaning to it!

I chant my prayers,
I chant my prayers like they are the only prayers that enlighten me!

I appreciate my love,
I appreciate my love like there is none who can love humanity more than me!

I dance on my rhythm,
I dance on my rhythm like no one is watching me!

I shine bright,
I shine bright like the sunlight on the morning dew, so pure!

I feel free,
I feel free like the knots of my heart are undone!

I feel love,
I feel love like I just found myself anew...!

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