Thursday, November 29, 2012


When I am like a..a..a..
Duh! You make me nervous!

When I make a call it is like why.. why.. why..
Duh! You are being missed!

When I see you it is like blink.. blink.. blink..
Duh! You are in my thoughts!

When I try to speak my heart it is like discuss.. discuss.. discuss..
Duh! You must just know what I feel!

When I hold my breath it is like speak.. speak.. speak..
Duh! You sedate me!

When I say I miss you it is like yeah.. yeah.. yeah..
Duh! You not being around kills me!
When I write almost always about you.. you.. you..  
Duhhhh! I am in love with you!

You let me be me! :)

I blush, yet I try to see you!

Is this you whom I see in all my dreams...?                              
I just feel your presence but unaware it is you..!                      

Your face becomes clearer with every dream I see... You come closer everytime I meet you...You make me lower my eyes by the words you whisper to me...
The way our breaths tangle makes me more nervous and as I shy away...You hold me...

I see you everywhere after you leave... Your words echo to me... I wait for the next night to come again to meet you...

I know I never saw you but your touch seems so familiar.. I keep praying it is you and this isn't a dream, surreal!

I love it when you laugh on my talks because it makes me be yours!
I look into your eyes and touch your nose with mine and I run away into the vineyards...

Let Go!

Feelings are natural and inert to the one for whom it develops but it turns bitter the moment the feelings are vocalized!!!
The person they are directed to feels powered and the owner of the feelings feels hesitant to speak, write, call or chat with the person!

Natural can't disagree to that!! ;) ;)
It all just gets complicated...and messed and weirrrrrrd! :/ :/ :/
So it is best to let go if it is not making you feel comfortable and you do not want to speak up!
I mean let's stay in the shell rather than let people see your emotional side, who don't feel same as you do. So mutual feelings must exist else it is worthless!!!  
Let go !!!