Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Sister

The night was lonely
I missed my friend

I looked around
But no one was found...

I looked at the photo frame
I saw her smiling face :)

I remembered the li’l hands
when I held them...

The feeling of being elder
To responsibilities to cater

And all the giggles we shared
And the rhymes we hummed together
And the shrilled screams of winning pillow fights
And the secrets of our childhood times!!!

The sharing of cupboards to games of boards
Having same crushes to topping the Classes in Boards!!!

Running and dancing
Throwing away time...

I miss the the days with you, O sister of mine!
For, you are my first Friend and a person so fine!

The conspiracies and plans and dreams that we shared like wine
Some of which have been coloured so bright, we see them shine :)

I thank My God for giving me a gift so beautiful
I pray you be blessed always for you are the angel of mine!

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