Thursday, March 29, 2012

River and Life

Life is just like a river. 

Begins with a zest and runs through the terrains to gain by bearing all pains. It has a kind of energy like the naive child who doesn't know what it is doing but still nothing can ever reduce its vigor. 

Soft and serene through the beginning of early 30s till the middle ages. Meeting their soul mates in form of other rives and enjoying the fertile life and spreading the joy to the farmers around. Sharing all the good knowledge of the ages to the ones in need and help the people survive if they at all heed. 

Carrying all the dirt and the waste along the plain terrains just like growing old with all your systems creating trouble and showing you that life will soon end. 
The tired and worn out soul running on its destined path to meet the ocean unknown.  

Life is similarly a bundle of joy of the unknown but just as how winds never stop for anyone neither does the river stop its gush, we all need to just GO WITH THE FLOW in the end all is well and Nirvana stands to get hold of us there.


  1. Wow!! really deep, i love the analogy of river and life :)

    1. Thanks Monica!
      It just instantly came to me...!