Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cloaked Angel!

Rupinder Kaur.
Perfect as her name. A Piscean lady, full of splendid colours.

Her beauty so pure, her eyes so divine and her smile is a perfect wine! 

I still recall the day she had entered in my life, it was the office and I saw her from my seat. She was into discussion with her new manager. AHEM AHEM…Work being assigned!! What impressed me were the expressions she was giving to him. She seemed to be a dedicated employee to the firm. Later in the day I met her and the sparkles in her eyes meant to say that she is a person of chaste heart.

Gradually I came to know her and I am grateful to my lord that I found a friend like her!
After knowing her till date I can say that she is PERFECT Punjaban…:)
Her mannerisms are Desi. The word that instantly relates to her is MAST…

I did call her to be a person who is really tall in herself. She has a high value system and is down to earth. It is easy to communicate with her and you can totally rely on her!! She can keep your secrets to herself..:D  (Thanks)
As is rightly said, “Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.” I would add to it that Rupinder is one of the best things that happened to me in my stay in India. I totally love her way of saying. “AREY YAAR”, “HEEHEE!”, “SADAF AAPNA…CHORO AB YEH SAB…”!!
I am so very sure that many a hearts are pining for her one look and many others are already broken in the rejection…Arey humari rupinder hai hi sabse mast…!!!
Talented and sober…Keen sense of good and bad…I think you are really intuitive Rupi..
And something that makes your friendship special to me is your Warm smile, which just gives me a feeling that you are around me and care for me… it gives me a positive re-enforcement.
Times spent with you have been some of the best days…A few of them here…Saket trip…GIP trips, Uncle ji wali trip…and many other “trippy” trips…;)

May God always bless you and keep you safe and happy!
Love you Darling!
Lohri Festival, BSL


  1. Happpy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyy darling!!! :) Lets party in Sadaf's Blog itself!!! yipeeeeeeee

  2. alle alle....Sadaf u rock!!! Happy birthday Rupss

  3. Thanks Anju!!!!
    Yes Sheena maam...Lets party here!!! :D

  4. I love you..everytime i read comes on ma face :))

    1. Love you too, Rups!!
      You inspired me to write this! :D
      So thanks to you! :*

  5. Sadaf ...yaar tahnku for this ..muuaahhh