Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Colours of your Soul!

Why are you so scared of being ignored?
Does it bring your vulnerable side to burn the sores?

The selves you want to hide
So that no one may take it for a ride!

Why so much of fright?
Why so much of lack of might?

Why are people so beastly?
Why do they want to hurt other’s wounds so keenly?

Why then this pitiful side of yours weakens you?
Why can’t you fight those fears of yours to strengthen you?

You are the butterfly with the flair,
Crisp and Fair and colours to glare

Crossing all stages with pride,
For the end will surely be bright!

For the purity at heart and soul
The efforts of such a flawless soul would never miss a goal!

And when we shall all stand answerable to the Almighty,
then these colours of your soul would be a paradigm to a million solus!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Wide open are the paths divine
Narrowly close are we to reach our destination fine

Mesmerized by the happiness and attitude so fine
Rhyming are the words of mine

The lonely heart which used to pine
Is glad to be with a soul so purely refined

Why didn’t this seem before the destined time?
May be there were many people in my sight’s line

But today when I am seeing the signs
I am glad to know all this time you were mine!