Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Brilliant Companionship

The thought of "being in love" was much more beautiful to her than love itself. Because, her thoughts could be fed as much as her soul wanted it to grow. But a Profound, deep and a selfless love that she always dreamt about and which she rarely found was because people including herself were at most times blinded by the desires which fade the colour of love before it has completely blended and settled.

“Love has to make you feel free,” she thought.

And then, when she found Love, she was completely submerged in it and she knew that the companionship set forth by this love is because her soul was at peace and she felt powered to the extent that no negativity could ever touch it. There was a change in her that all that she could see, smell, hear and touch was purity. There was complete brilliance set forth by it.

It drove her towards gratification of her companion.

But there was still no point of admitting that to her companion because, the feelings held by those thoughts would lose their value once they were put to words.

So all she could do was to "be in love."