Saturday, June 8, 2013


There is some silence in the waves of the sea.
There is some silence in the drops of rain pouring.

There is some silence in this world of mine.
There is some place where there is no need of mine.

Behaving like a funambulist I hold my concentration tight.

Leading on this way I don't find you on the other side.

Some dreams seem shattered and others in no hope to touch my sleep.

I was so lost in my only battle that it seems like ages it has been. I have lost the capability to hear to my heart reasons many which led to this start.

Where do I look for those colours and how do I fill them in?

What scares me more is the fact that if I delay some other colours may fill the canvas of my life and all the shades that I wanted would never be on that page.

May be someday I adjust to see those colours but definitely they are not something I planned.