Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meet RJ Khusroo!

Sometimes people just want to speak their hearts out and we don't know where and how to do that.
I'm not a great writer or a story teller but I did say I am a good Orator!
Aloha!! Friends…
I think my article on me-self should speak much about me in a modest manner! ;)

We all know blogs are meant for a soul who wants to speak and all souls speak and portray themselves in various forms. Photographers capture the innate beauty of moments in their cameras. Painters in their art forms and colours chosen for depiction!
All forms, concepts, colours, visualizations speak of the artist in their own unique way!
That is what life is about-‘UNIQUENESS’.
All forms of art are beautiful and different; they NEVER match with someone else’s work. Only if your frequency matches with the work of the artist, you are able to appreciate it. Oh yes ‘Frequency’ which determines our friends, partners and soul mates. Hence proved (in mathematics style) that physics concept of resonance is not just limited to light and sound, it matches with souls.
‘Interesting’ as it may sound to the ears and prettier to the eyes that are reading this, right now!

I wish we knew who was the one particular being, in wait for whom we err so many times and still never lose hope that he/she would come. The right moment with the right person at the right time in the right manner, aww..sounds so very Magical and pure!
Didn't that thought make you smile? I'm sure it did!

“We bind ourselves into some circles created by one’s own self and feel disappointed,” someone said to me once, I wasn’t able to understand then but now I know it is true for almost anyone including the Bohemians, the Bedouins, the Gypsies!
All of us make a sect, a border, a thought process in short a circle around them and then they are happy sometimes because of it and sometimes feel caught in it!
Truly people define their life paths and free thinking is totally accepted these days.  But I am not sure how many of you would agree to this that ‘Free thinking’ can be lethal.
It can be as harmful as much as bountiful it has been considered!
Well as the general understanding says, it is up to us to decide if submission to our own desires makes us slaves of one’s self or we rather make those lines straight which don’t let us enter the bizarre destruction! Awaiting us.
So, CONTROL you little brain and tame your self to be subtle.

Oh well!! That is who I am, SADAF KHURSHID. Learning to tame myself and enlighten my soul!
Having a Persian name meaning pearl, chosen by my parents, and depicting me completely! I did speak endlessly if I found someone with whom my ‘Frequency’ matched! Singing, dancing, shouting, planning, teaching, reading, switching and mostly painting are a few tasks that brighten up my eyes and bring satisfaction to my smile. For me, expressing myself is mostly by my talks!
Live life your way as time gone by NEVER comes back is what I believe in. It is my mantra to be Happy. I love people who are natural, SHOW OFFs just ruins my behavior towards them. BEWARE!
And yes never challenge my head as the consequences can be worse than expected.

More to come soon.
Love ya Readers!
RJ Khusroo


  1. DDLJ type magic moments ;) a wide grin :))
    Free thinking, uhmm i am not sure how free thinking could be lethal really! i mean people crave freedom. And there u r,a multi talented lady who can sing, paint, click, dance and the list goes on :)
    A nice read, conveys your opinions on matters close to heart. And yes, the frequency concept, i totally agree on that. The soul of soul groups is centered around that.

    1. Thank you again to my friend who is never short of words to make me happy!
      (with a big smile :D)

      and yes! Free thinking can be lethal to the old ideas, meaning wasn't meant to be taken directly as stated! :)
      Even I crave freedom..;;)