Thursday, October 29, 2015

To you..

To the person who taught me how to smile openly!

To the person who taught me the value of present!

To the person who opened me like the book which goes is never noticed...

To the person who made my life full of colours so vibrant...

To the person who told me how flaws are uniqueness in you...

To the person who taught me to draw the line...

To the person who makes me calm when I lose it...

To the person I say jinx to most often these days (even in thoughts and texts)...

To the person who knows the real me...

To the memories that we created on the canvas of lives most precious moments..

To the one who I can look upto any time and almost all times...

To the one who is like the wind to my sails, if life is synonymous with a sailboat...

To the one who put my troubles aside and treated them with empathy because that one knew what it pain it caused to me...

To the one I can be completely crazy with.

Completely. Period.

To the one, I did say thanks 😊...!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A pinch of magic!

The dark shadows made it shine brighter than usual.

Oh how could I not see the stardust sparkle?

In life you do find angels who aways guide you rightly and are capable of putting you at perfect places.
The moment you know that you don't know, they know what is best for you. It's strange. It's like a strange miracle. But then the Creator has His own way of saying He watches over you.

Today is special day for my angel and I would like to say that it's miraculous that you appeared in my life all of a sudden and you knew perfectly what I meant even when I didn't mean any words that I spoke of. And you knew that path well for me which would make me happy.

For a soul which loves to wander, there is some place it can go back to. Some place where it knows it belongs to with open hands and some place where angels exist.

To the calmness we share.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The inevitable truth.

The inevitable truth that takes you in the moment when you have just forgotten it.
It takes you from this time-bound world to a time-free world. A world unseen to the alive. I wonder if the world which we live in is a dream or illusion of existence of the soul. The soul when completes it's tasks as written in the sacred tablet, it has to leave the means to survive in this world (the body, human ties, everything 'materialistic').

The loss of my uncle, last week, left me so stunned that I could hardly believe that he has completed his stay in the world and left for the other life. He was a man of discipline and so true to his profession. He was a great father.
I remember from my memory of him, he loved rasgullas (sweets) and I still remember how he used to tell us to have them too.
I will always pray for him that he is blessed with Jannat ul Firdaus.

I see, now, life is beautiful if you give it to the service of your fellow men, if you try not to harm anyone with word or with power and if you have the courage to forgive and forget quickly. Have a fulfilling life here and trust Almighty who knows what's best for you.

Be thankful always - gratitude is an attitude.

Every moment is precious, never ever lose it.

With highest regards to my dear Uncle. Thank you for all the lessons through you.

May Allah grant you Jannat ul firdaus. Ameen.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Between Twilights

Between twilights is my soul wandering

It sees only hope of light rays to come the next morning

But in vain and pain and as yet no gain

There is restlessness in my soul because it sees no hope as darkness sets in

Was it my mistake or was it the lost heart at stake

It looks like there is someone out there, but this haze makes me see nothing yet haze

The haze that only disturbs my soul

I feel someone just left my hand someone who was so close

The separation was so painful that I feel extracted of my own soul

“How long has it been? “asked the pain,

It has been years but the longing remains

This twilight is so long that it ends not

Slowly my own shadow is leaving me too

I don’t know what to do, when I think of calling I don’t even remember the name

I felt my soul call the name, slowly, but there was just so much of vacuum around that it rarely heard my soul

If only he knew that restlessness was because of him

Maybe he would have turned back to see how I was dying without him

The stars were out to see my bare pale face

My dried lips and hopeful teary eyes race

My hands hand no power but still they were raised in prayer

I couldn’t stand any longer my knees were tired and sore

All I knew was my God knew that I was in extreme pain

“Heal me O God, Heal me!”

“Please help me stand the pain is too bad”

Tears were flowing, the pain wasn’t relieved

In hope of the next twilight in the morning, my soul breathed away!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

If Only!

If asked
I did say yes

If asked
I did move myself towards

If asked
I did let you know

If asked
I did tell you about all those nights I cried

If asked
I did see into your eyes and you will know

If asked
I did tell you how quiet my heart was without you

If asked
I did tell you every wave reminded me of you

If asked
I did tell you about sleepless nights which the moon witnessed

If asked
I did show you every memory of yours which is safe in me

If asked
I did not tell you anything at all

If asked
I did smell your collar and recall

If asked
I did hold your hands and not let you go

If asked
I did tell you why I speak only if asked

If asked
I did tell you how much I missed the familiarity

If asked
I did tell you I have not felt alive in years now

If asked
I did say I did always love you

If only you asked!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Companion who never changed!

My companion who never changed.

I changed countries, cities, walkways, car rides, bed sides
but you always remain unchanged.

I never have to bother to please you to keep company
I never have to ask for your attention to maintain harmony

I just know you listen whenever I speak
and your responses are just so perfectly gentle

I know you love your admirer but you are so uniquely significant, to me,
When I consider sleeping you put me to sleep
and when I'm awake you listen to my thoughts with interest so profound.

This is seemingly a quotidian task to many readers about topics of "you and me"
But only, only, I know what your gentleness means to me.

You don't know but I miss you when you are about to start new 
But then I know you there then too.

If I could compare you to one of my friends who exists far far away but is just like you. 
I changed many places and so did my friend but everything remains unchanged.
So harmonious is the presence and yet so very hidden.

I see the halo sometimes and sometimes the darkness of my friend’s ever existence.

And hence you will be a reminder to me of a friend so existent
who will always be so close yet at distance.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Hold my hands
Hold my dreams
Hold me close that I hardly feel alone

Touch my hands
Touch my dreams
Touch my soul that I hardly feel alone

Break my fear
Break my circle of tears
Break my troubles that I hardly feel fearful 

Let go of my anger
Let go of my stubbornness 
Let go that I can't let go of you

Settle my heart
Settle deep in my soul
Settle my love that I hardly wait for none

Advise my hope
Advise my wandering mind
Advise my confusion that I don't seek anyone else's 

Careress my hair
Careress my body
Careress my heart that I feel cared for

Breathe my love life in me
Breathe my soul's life in me
Breathe my happiness that I am searching for


Live my love the life in me
Live my tunes with rhymes you sing
Live my love the life you want with me!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Stars and me!

I looked at the stars and they gazed at me,
We got into a conversation as it could be...

They asked me, why was I awake and my thoughts steady,
when the one I was waiting for was in his dreams already?

I said, I don't know, if it is him,
or just a whim?

If he is a memory to be,
or a future memory to see?

The stars told me that they could see him dream,
with every day the bond is growing deep it seems.

I told them what if they were not sure?
They told me, magic works miracles, so pure!

They told me, the twinkle in your eyes which are so gentle,
No, man can escape that light which is so bright!

I told them, if that was true,
then why doesn't he tell me the answers anew?

They said, find the brightest of us that you can see,
I pointed ten and gave up then.

They said, you could see just what was close in thought
And just because you couldn't see the dim ones, it doesn't mean they exist not

So if someone feels to be close because you have let them shine
Doesn't mean you have found that star which is awake to find you, my wine!

I told them if that is the case,
Then when do I end my prince's chase?

They told me, sleep, my girl,
One morning you will know the answer to the riddle

That morning we won't be there to see your rosy face,
But then when you remember this talk that we have with you, amazed

Because sometimes life unfolds,  
those miracles which are now untold

in the most miraculous manner
that you would be swept across your feet from your manor

and when the dreamer wakes
he knows that you were there in his every breath!