Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We all write memories of time gone by or memories to be! but why do we always have to say something we never thought we would ever recall. 
We walk down a memory lane that increases in length day by day rather say second by second. Why do we remember things? Well, it is because a certain neuron is triggered which takes you to that place where it all had begun!

True, it makes you travel and while that journey reminds you of all things/events/people and we end up rejoicing each moment of our journey. Sometimes when we end up meeting those who didn’t make us feel good then we are not able to control the negative triggers of our emotions. But did you ever think that some person is responsible for your happiness and some other person is responsible for your sadness?

Oh dear! How miserable!!!!!!?!
Your emotions being dependent on SOMEONE else! It is like the you life is the kite trying to fly high and enjoy the winds but the strings are in someone else's hands! Yikes...that sounds Awful...>.<

Well, God isn't so mean that after creating you, He would hand your happiness or sadness to someone else’s hand!
So the good news… Yippies!!! 
you are responsible for your own SELF! :D

Whereby we should always remember, the good or hard times that we face are just a part and parcel of our life. If we intend we can keep grieving over any li’l petal for the rest of our life and while doing so we might not see many a springs that would come and go. We all consider it our right to live because indeed it is your right because you were BORN but why to kill yourself. Face all those waves, winds, storms and also enjoy the springs and blossoms!

Face rather accepts both of them equally and then we see the importance of good things. So get yourselves moving and live your lives rather than cribbing about little things that didn't happen the way you predicted them because life isn’t your prediction, for if it was No one would ever want to leave the Heaven!!

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