Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mood Swings

Swinging left...
Swinging right...

Swinging far right...
then Swinging far left...

O! This mood swing of mine!

Confusing my head like
Riding high on some extremely fast ride!

I am trying to hold myself tight
but to-and-fro gushing thoughts don’t let me stabilize

I then suddenly come to a halt
but the inertia doesn't let me stop at all!

“Yes this is right, but Why is this right?
It ought to be definitely wrong!!
If it is wrong and I know it is wrong then who is right?
Yes, I am right!”

Someone Stop!
Stop these thoughts with a big sized full-stop!

Burdening my head, my soul and my goal
These doubts and undue swings of mood!

I don’t require a ride, Thank you!
Try someone weak oh you creepy swings of mood.

You make me mad and sad and act so retarded
Half the people I know then treat me in ways alienated!

The Latin you teach me, O! churlish mood swing
Is something I fail to recall when I am the normal angel with naive wings!

You are so weird, I feel awful after you stabilize
You are like a rhyme which some witches use to mesmerise!

You are black and dark and take my glow
Mood swings! I hate you!

Next time when you try to see me
let me tell you, right in your face

I am not a kid anymore
to ride on your witches’ swings and rides that give me wounds so sore

I know you are sickening, so dare not bother me any time
O you dirty Mood swing..
I hope my words are well defined… :)

Sadaf Khurshid Photography

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