Thursday, November 29, 2012


When I am like a..a..a..
Duh! You make me nervous!

When I make a call it is like why.. why.. why..
Duh! You are being missed!

When I see you it is like blink.. blink.. blink..
Duh! You are in my thoughts!

When I try to speak my heart it is like discuss.. discuss.. discuss..
Duh! You must just know what I feel!

When I hold my breath it is like speak.. speak.. speak..
Duh! You sedate me!

When I say I miss you it is like yeah.. yeah.. yeah..
Duh! You not being around kills me!
When I write almost always about you.. you.. you..  
Duhhhh! I am in love with you!

You let me be me! :)

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