Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Mentor

“Follow your dreams!” said Everyone.
“Trust your dreams! Turn them true!” said most of those Everyone.
“Sadaf, do what you think you are best at. Learn to trust your Self.” Said My Mentor.

My Mentor, knew me too well.
Meeting her was Destiny, rather say my good luck!
She chose me from a lot, (I am glad to be chosen by you)!
She chose me for she knew, my dreams were lost.

Reason for the loss, she knew it too well!
My dreams were over shadowed, powered and mocked.
They were cluttered, put in a box, kept in a closet and locked!

Key lost! (Sigh)
But wait!! How did she know me so well?
How had she read my mind?
I wondered why her words were so clear and she was always right.
Was she some fairy in disguise?

Whoever she was, she is My Mentor!

The one who held me when I was weak and shivering in winter
The one who taught me to balance my soul when I stumbled upon stones

The one who made me feel my worthwhile uniqueness
The one who knew me better than I knew myself

The one who helped me redefine my dreams, chasing the best of the ones I had
The one who lightened my soul to Nirvana, answering me of questions which I always had

Her eyes always said, “I trust you!”
That faith, made me run the extra mile!
Her confidence made me feel stronger and more realized!

She had become my mirror challenging me to be the best and perfect being

And your existence, My Mentor makes me believe
you are My tale’s Fairy Godmother
And God has been kind to me!

"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction." -John Crosby
Photograph Courtesy: Sadaf Khurshid


 Thanks Niti Ma'am for being my Mentor and my friend!
Happy birthday Ma'am! :)

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