Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A pinch of magic!

The dark shadows made it shine brighter than usual.

Oh how could I not see the stardust sparkle?

In life you do find angels who aways guide you rightly and are capable of putting you at perfect places.
The moment you know that you don't know, they know what is best for you. It's strange. It's like a strange miracle. But then the Creator has His own way of saying He watches over you.

Today is special day for my angel and I would like to say that it's miraculous that you appeared in my life all of a sudden and you knew perfectly what I meant even when I didn't mean any words that I spoke of. And you knew that path well for me which would make me happy.

For a soul which loves to wander, there is some place it can go back to. Some place where it knows it belongs to with open hands and some place where angels exist.

To the calmness we share.

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