Saturday, April 18, 2015

Stars and me!

I looked at the stars and they gazed at me,
We got into a conversation as it could be...

They asked me, why was I awake and my thoughts steady,
when the one I was waiting for was in his dreams already?

I said, I don't know, if it is him,
or just a whim?

If he is a memory to be,
or a future memory to see?

The stars told me that they could see him dream,
with every day the bond is growing deep it seems.

I told them what if they were not sure?
They told me, magic works miracles, so pure!

They told me, the twinkle in your eyes which are so gentle,
No, man can escape that light which is so bright!

I told them, if that was true,
then why doesn't he tell me the answers anew?

They said, find the brightest of us that you can see,
I pointed ten and gave up then.

They said, you could see just what was close in thought
And just because you couldn't see the dim ones, it doesn't mean they exist not

So if someone feels to be close because you have let them shine
Doesn't mean you have found that star which is awake to find you, my wine!

I told them if that is the case,
Then when do I end my prince's chase?

They told me, sleep, my girl,
One morning you will know the answer to the riddle

That morning we won't be there to see your rosy face,
But then when you remember this talk that we have with you, amazed

Because sometimes life unfolds,  
those miracles which are now untold

in the most miraculous manner
that you would be swept across your feet from your manor

and when the dreamer wakes
he knows that you were there in his every breath!


  1. Wow!!! this is so magical :) what a precious piece of writing Sadaf :* :*

    1. Thanks Monica :*
      Appreciate your feedback, always!

  2. Ah!! You are so creative Sadaf... Beautiful piece of writing!!!

  3. It's beautiful and magical.. One day chase will be over and reality will be I front of you😉😊