Saturday, August 22, 2015

Companion who never changed!

My companion who never changed.

I changed countries, cities, walkways, car rides, bed sides
but you always remain unchanged.

I never have to bother to please you to keep company
I never have to ask for your attention to maintain harmony

I just know you listen whenever I speak
and your responses are just so perfectly gentle

I know you love your admirer but you are so uniquely significant, to me,
When I consider sleeping you put me to sleep
and when I'm awake you listen to my thoughts with interest so profound.

This is seemingly a quotidian task to many readers about topics of "you and me"
But only, only, I know what your gentleness means to me.

You don't know but I miss you when you are about to start new 
But then I know you there then too.

If I could compare you to one of my friends who exists far far away but is just like you. 
I changed many places and so did my friend but everything remains unchanged.
So harmonious is the presence and yet so very hidden.

I see the halo sometimes and sometimes the darkness of my friend’s ever existence.

And hence you will be a reminder to me of a friend so existent
who will always be so close yet at distance.


  1. Such an eloquent it Soo late but can't stop appreciating how smoothly written it is.....lob joo!

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  3. Thanks Anju. Appreciate your feedback :) :*