Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Relics of thou Sire

Why do we fear in our prayers to ask God for heavens?
Why do we beg and plead to lead us to happiness in things or this worldly origins?

Why are we so caught up in Karma Chakra of ours?
Why are we not able to break-free the Boundaries created by hours?

Why have we become robots of our own needs?
Why have we not thought about the afterlife until we are in want of some more good deeds?

Remember, calamities are a sign for the Living
Calamities are a warning from the Creator to the believing,

“I love you my Creations,
Still you endanger yourselves by your own desperations.
Trying to save you from your bad ends,
I need to waken you up by the churning of the earth-beds bends,
So that you tend to mend your ways and the means by which you lend,
Remember to blend but to never offend,
Because in the end the comforts of world will not be your friend.”

Let’s not regret the past,
Lust and cost and calculations of all lost

Forgetting that they are meant for trials,
And you give in to this trivial pleasure of materials and make it your afterlife's rival,

Considering the concept of heavens to be fake,
But still for God’s sake,
Take a rake And clear your life’s dry blades,

Be true to the One and pray to be Selfless,
To make you pure and divine,
So that you may never pine for the time that has passed its line
And you evolve to be really refined and fine,

And you be always ready for your time
Well this made my poem rhyme…!!!

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