Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dopey Mind

Once in my smiles
Now we part miles

For truth was so vague
That made it all so fake

Why did you play?
For my love wasn’t gray

You wanted to slay
While I always wanted to stay

Faded my rhyme
Darkened the wine

Drove away my fears
Stagnant are my tears

Felt it to be so divine
Lost in your thoughts was my dopey mind

I anticipated I did fight
For a land that was never my right

You aren’t my knight
Then why should I fight
For a land that wasn’t ever my right

Flowing with time, so streamline
Like a dead-leaf on a river line

Wish you could have sensed
My feelings so that were so intense

This Catastrophe set by time
Has set my soul to cloud nine!

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