Friday, January 21, 2011


To Wait and watch
For colours to fade

Trying to feel the truth in the touch
And when moments aid

For currents so recurrent
And time so fluent

As birds flew in the day
To find their own ways

Little was the word gasped
And much was the quantum paid

Rather than riding the unicorn
In a fairy tale unborn

I stand in this yellow wood
For reasons understood

Melancholy and dark and so I hesitate
To ravel roads so indeterminate

But life’s bought me to this side
Far from the Utopian land where I used to reside

To fight my own fears
And believe in reality of star crossed lovers

Shakespeare was truly right
Destiny and fate have the might

One has to bend low
In front of the Glorified Hallow

So I did wait for the perfect time
‘Coz it is just not my futile rhyme…

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