Saturday, May 21, 2011


I wonder, why did God create you?
Why did He put you through all the pain?

Why did God put so much patience in you?
Why did He make through you life sustain?

All humanity in this world shunned
When a mother’s love for her child is challenged

May be ‘coz God loves us so much
That He divided His care in His little angels called MOTHERS

Only time teaches us her importance
Only time teaches us her Love

Only time teaches us to treat her well
Only time makes us more intermittent with her

The first Human touch of life
The first guardian Angel for our thereafter life

When one is left all alone in this hostile world
Nothing feels better than her warmth and her love

One is never alone
For a mother is waiting back Home

She knows you best
She sacrifices her sleeps for you to rest

I hope this comfortable dream never shatters
Mother, Thanks is all that I can utter

Though No words can pay back
What you have done

So I pray, God help me take care of my Mother when she needs me in her old age
I pray to make me soft and humble enough to handle
And caress her like she did when I was naïve

I hope I always remain with you my mother
For your smile makes me go miles

And seeing me running miles keeps you happy all the while.

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