Thursday, February 17, 2011


On a stormy night
The thunders set me on a fright

I tried to fight my fright with all my might
Settings things right to keep away my mind by the thought of the thundery night

Similar to my story
Full of fame and glory

Once it set to fall
I turned away my face for the sight set a scar

My Love, it faded
No more close now, it ended

You could at best make my ears relax
For my eyes were hit so hard I could barely see the flaw

By just being my Wind-chime
Making rhythms with the most scariest rhymes

I could have trusted my heart on you my Dear
But what I see isn’t what I hear

Faking and lying are your peers
But they set my poor soul to tears

Oh! Please go away is what I scream
For better is the thunder that I fear

At least it sets my wind-chime chiming
Helps me take off my mind rhyming!

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