Monday, November 27, 2017

The Crack

On a trip to a faraway land, I slipped and cracked my nose. The crack was deep, it was sore and red. It healed and left a scar. The scar was red and bright. Now there is a thin line, that is just a reminder of the trip to the faraway land.

Life is such a ride too. Sometimes a few roads are smooth to walk on and they give us the happy memories. Sometimes they are rough and end up being a learning experience.

This crack taught me so much. It taught me to bear the pain of a fresh wound. It taught me that whatever situation we are in, in spite of all the pain, it would pass away. The scar remains, as a reminder of the moment that I survived to thank my Creator for the rest of my life for that moment that He saved me. I have found my answer to this crack. As is said, every crack leads the way for the Light to enter. Maybe that was my moment.


  1. Amazing analogy of scar and how life is meant to be lived. Your words are so pure and straight from the heart, keep writing girl :)
    Monica Bhatia