Saturday, February 22, 2014

Haphazard Survival

I saw it when it didn’t exist
I read it when it wasn’t written

The brightness blinded me
the noises deafened me

The way I was running for survival was so haphazard
I could barely feel that it was on a shattered glass path

I stood by for a moment and to the crispness I stared
It was just it and its glare

It was a tree on the path and I had to instantly stop
for its colours, fragrance and shade were bliss to a heedless traveller like me

I sat down the shade only to realize, my feet has sores which would heal a day
But only to leave the scars as the pain fades away

I felt the sharp pain, this time in my soul
How did I forget my ulterior goal?

The instant-unpredicted rain got me some peace
that Someone was monitoring me when I was keeping with the world’s pace

The Someone knew what I needed the most
The Someone provided me with everything at the right moments utmost almost

I relaxed under the tree and spoke to my Soul
I felt I could draw a pattern with the events which were over and done

I turned behind to just see, that it was not the shattered glass on the previous road
I was mistaken to take the wrong path for which a traveller like me was not adorned

I thought, there couldn’t have been a better destiny than mine
I had to just correct my assessments with what got me Peace of mind

I had a nap under the beautiful tree,
woke up and felt so free

Began with the journey anew, feeling satisfied and I knew
Few memories that just flew were like dew

There will be many more created like a magic spell en route
but this time just to keep peace in my root (soul)!

I packed my things up and wore my shoes and tying the laces I knew
This is a new beginning which is given to a very few

And I looked up to the path ahead,
and took the path that I chose with all the faith as I rose.